This page was created to provide an element of fun to cycling in Wexford Wheelers other than that on the bike, of course! It is intended to give a humorous slant on club members and activities and that of cycling in general.

These will be updated from the top down so there won’t be mindless scrolling to see the latest entry. If you have any gossip please pass it on by text to the Alans or Brendan Ennis or by mail to the above address…maybe even phone! The intention is for fun and any offensive material will not be posted.

Last updated Jul 30, 2007

I Hear…

…Martin was listed as a Vet on www.irishcycling.com on the start list for the Gorey

…there is a stewards enquiry on the U-16 Community Games final that Martin won some years back

…that if you want to frighten Patrick just burst a bag behind him – he’ll think it’s another puncture
…after all the rumours, speculation, whisperings and hearsay.
…after years of intense contract negotiations he is finally signing to Wexford Wheelers!
…the deal nearly went south today as the secretary forgot the contracts this morning!
…we can’t name him for legal reasons but he has agreed to wear the pink shorts!
…Welcome back Mick…emmmhh I mean Rick!

…the Doc punctured – he didn’t have 2 punctured tubes for his V-section rims in his bag, did he?

…Pat waited but he only has a small valve

…the Doc got home dry while Pat threw snowballs on the way home

…if you are a boy racer then beware as there is a Kilmore man after you!!!!

…Martin is currently on holidays skiing

…he’s going down hills like a mad man, terrifying youngsters, alarming other enthusiasts and drinking all night.

…there’s nothing new there, then

…Wexford Wheelers has too many members

…the club PRO has an innovative method of keeping it down – knock new members off their bike

…Alex came all the way from New Zealand & was the first female member for quite some time but fell foul (pun intended) of Brendans methods

…there were no injuries but Brendans wheel is now one to avoid

…there was another spill that day – 2 unnamed juniors still had their mind on the rides in Funderland and had a mishap

…Martin is quiet lately

…Brendan went on the trip to Funderland but fecked off at the start, returned at the end & still managed 2 feeds of chips

…Danny brought Moore Street to a stand still when he tried to sell his lunch by the traditional method

…a hasty exit was required

…Luke & Josh were more interested in the female attractions than the rides at Funderland

…Billy & Stephen (now known as Billo & Stevo) are being sought over the non-payment of a dessert bill

…Kieron got an I-pod, Kieran got an I-pod…his Westlife collection kept him occupied for the day

…young Edward liked the blue bike…

…young Edward couldn’t keep his eyes off the blue bike…

…young Edward is training hard so that he can ride back up to Cycleways to see the blue bike again

…John couldn’t believe that as a cyclist, & as a young cyclist, that the opposite sex was out of bounds

…Brendan is coaching him

…Brendan was appreciative of the lesson in Irish from John & Luke – Matthew & Mark were no where to be seen

…On a recent spin one member dropped off the back of the group, forgot he was off the back & thought he was ahead of the group & proceeded to turn around to wait for the group.

…he hasn’t been out since – probably trying to disprove Einsteins Theory of Relativity in another dimension

…the Great Stephen Roche couldn’t make our tour on Sunday last

…the even Greater Sean Kelly can make the hamper race!

…someone finds the new graphics on the Home page a little distracting. We’re, em, sorry…(he! he!)

[singlepic id=236 w=320 h=240 float=center]

…Kieron Duffin was seen on the bike again?? Sure, isn’t the hamper race coming up!

…someone forgot their shoes on the Sunday tour recently

…the tour leader got dropped in the Bullring??

…the windmills in Carne have moved. They seemed very close to one tour member in Cullenstown

…there was a peculiar order at the coffee stop on Sunday 7th – 9 coffees & a choc ice

…the consumer of the Choc Ice mentioned that it takes a while to warm up after stopping

…Conor got a puncture in the 2-up TT. Would it have been a suspect tube by any chance…ahem!

…Liam doesn’t like his old bike…so he’s started to break it up starting with the cranks

…it might be easier to do it closer to home next time

…Martin said there were no Fat Frogs in the Stores but plenty of Kittens on Saturday night

…by his performance on Sunday morning he should have stuck with the Frogs

…Alan Donoghue wants to branch off with a Kayaking section of the club

…A certain dedicated member was seen training out in the dark during the week

…A Don Johnson look-a-like was in the Bullring on Sunday wondering if there were any drugs for sale given the crowd that turned up

…After the 60 mile tour Conor rode to Gorey…because he had no electricity or door key. Any excuse!!

…someone has been training up Mt. Leinster mid week. Secret training is supposed to be kept secret, Brendan!

…On the tour one member pronounced “I am single” when asked to single out for a “Car-up”

…John Clancy says he knows his way home from Ballyhoge

…the rest of the Jnr tour says he doesn’t

…Stephen Flood is not going to the horses any more

…it affects him on a Sunday morning

…Paddy Kinsella reckons he’s up for the “real” Tour next year

…”4 wheels good, 2 wheels bad” – the Jim Whitty Memorial has to give way to a car rally

…Conor Crowley is off in the scratch group for all future races

…if he keeps going the way he’s going he’ll be off behind the scratch group

…Willie Roche is putting his success down to the fact that he now lives on a hill

…Paddy Dunne of SCC has said that if he wins the Euro Millions draw he’ll hire every JCB in the country to level all hills. You da man, Paddy, you da man!!

…the club has a new “13 Hour Man”

…Paddy Kinsella rode 220 miles last Saturday…that’s not a typo, its two hundred & twenty – from Mizen Head to Carnsore

…his new bike is knackered after the event

…manufacturers of chamois cream are looking to offer sponsorship

…Pats neck is sore after riding over Mt Leinster

…it wasn’t from looking over his shoulder waiting for Mick, was it??

…traffic lights don’t work in Wexford on a Sunday morning, or do they??

…one of our members trains so early in the day he’s afraid of waking up the milkman

…the report of Kieron Duffin riding a bike has yet to be repeated

…a former member known better for his dislike for sheep has been seen training hard

…maybe it’s the County title that he wants to retake

…past members Mark Gurhy & John Shorten were on the Sunday tour

…there will be a reunion for all past members in the Unyoke…after the next Wexford 2-day!

…Conor Crowley knows a lot of back roads around Rosslare…but nobody else does

…nobody could take a “natural” break for fear of getting lost

…John Shorten has said he’ll meet up with us some Sunday morning for a spin…ouch!

…he has been informed that a hangover is compulsory (well, we need all the help we can get!!)

…the GAA branch of the club have hung up their boots for another year

…they’ve found another member

…committee member Kieron Duffin was seen riding his bike

…Pat Geoghegan got lost around the coast road…doesn’t he live there??

…the tour couldn’t find him

…Patricks fan club were held up in traffic on the night of the 10m TT

…He’ll leave his keys at home next time so Yolanda can move his car from in front of the driveway

…Brendan can’t shave his legs, only his head

…Pat is looking lean from his recent month long training camp in the Pyrenees

…the tan in France isn’t as good as that from Lanzarote

…Conor has found a new method of curing cramp – jump on the hills…every hill!

…Martin felt like he was in the TdF when he was caught with 500m to go in the Comeragh League

…Josh was lucky when his mother drove over his helmet – his head wasn’t in it

Sean Kelly Tour

On 19 August, the Sean Kelly Tour will take place in Co. Waterford. This will be a fundraiser for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. There will be three distances, 45, 100 and 160 kms. All members of Wexford Wheelers are encouraged to take part. Sean Kelly has been a good firend and supporter of our club, most recently in his participation in our annual Christmas hamper race.

Further information on the event is available on www.theseankellytour.com.


Our French friend, Aureilen Lemasson has raced his last race with the club in last nights TT. Unfortunately his time to go home has come. As we wish him a fond farewell we would like to get together in Gaynors of Wigram (Hill Street) around 8pm on Wednesday 2nd to wish him well. All are welcome to join him in his last night in Wexford. Slan, Aurelien.

[singlepic id=170 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Chairman Pat Geoghegan presenting Aurelien with a Wheelers jersey. Aurelien has said he’ll be back…we look forward to it!


Well the team of 4 that started the 3-day today finished despite the hand of luck being firmly slapping away at the team. Martin had a better day on day 2 with a blistering TT and managed to break away on the last lap of the afternoon stage but the day took its toll and Martin cramped on the Craanford climb. Patrick punctured on the second day again after hitting a small crater otherwise known as a Craanford pot hole. They say bad luck comes in 3’s so Patrick duely punctured on the last day too and broke a few spokes for good measure. Last year was no different!

Mark successfully completed his latest Gorey 3-day after many-a-year gap and this will surely set him up for the season. Conor unsurprisingly floated through the 3 days effortlessly and is believed to have got a good finish on the last stage.

As we know the 3-day is a demanding even


Wexford Wheelers will be represented this year in the Tour of Flanders, or “Ronde van Vlaanderen” for those of us in the know. The Tour of Flanders takes place on the 8th of April (Gorey 3-day weekend). Yes, the club knows no boundaries in it’s quest for competition. OK, so it’s not the professional race but it is on the same route. Dr. David Curtis will be taking place in what’s called a randonee, or organised tour. This takes place on thr 7th April and David hopes to complete the full circuit (several shorter options are available including a mountain bike route). He will be accompanied by his brothers in law who have completed this circuit in 12 hours.

They won’t be alone – last year some 15,000 competitors took part! Now there’s a sign on I want to see! In an interview during the week Dr. Davd informed me that this was very, very reasonably priced with flights, car, accommodation, etc costing less than a good weekend in Ireland.

This may be one for other members to take advantage of in the future so we’ll wait Davids feedback. We wish him the best of luck…and David, bring us back a stick of rock, eh!

Details are very limited for this event but you may find some information through Google or the following link: