Club Constitution

1.0 The Club’s Constitution

1.1 The Name of the Club is Wexford Wheelers Cycling Club.

1.2 The Clubs Colours shall be white purple and gold. Club colours must be worn in all team and representative events.

1.3 The Object of the Club is the promotion of all aspects of the sport and pastime of cycling.

1.4 The Policy of the Club is to encourage cycling at all levels from the absolute beginner to the elite cyclist, without prejudice to race, colour, creed or ability – subject to Safety requirements.

1.5 The Headquarters of the Club shall always be that of the acting Club Secretary.

1.6 The Club is to maintain an affiliation to Cycling Ireland and to register with the cycling Leinster Provincial Executive.

1.7 The Management of the Club is vested in a Committee consisting of: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, P.R.O & General Committee Members.

1.8 The club AGM shall be held every year in the month of November.


2.0 The Club’s Management:

The Management and member/s of the committee shall be elected at the AGM to serve for one year or unless stipulated differently, until the conclusion of the following AGM. Assistants and sub-committee members can be co-opted if required during the year in office. Each individual post can only be held for a maximum term of 3 years at which time the elected individual must step down from that position but they can take up another position within the Management committee, if so elected.

2.1 Chairperson – (post is for a minimum of 12 months) who is the chief executive officer, responsible for the effective management of the Club. The Chairperson shall preside over Committee Meetings and Club General Meetings. The Chairperson will normally not be a voting officer; however in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.

2.2 Secretary – (post is for a minimum of 12 months) who is responsible for minute-taking at all meetings and for ensuring that information about all matters affecting the Club is communicated to members efficiently and expeditiously. The Secretary is also responsible for collating all membership information and keeping records, collecting of subscriptions for renewals and new members and all issues relating to membership.

2.3 Assistant Secretary can be co-opted by the Secretary if required, sharing responsibilities as of the Secretary.

2.4 Treasurer – (post is for a minimum of 12 months) who is responsible for overseeing the club finances; the Treasurer shall be one of the three signatories (any two to sign) on the Club’s bank account(s). An Assistant Treasurer can be co-opted by the Treasurer if required, sharing responsibilities as of the Treasurer.

2.5 Public Relations Officer – (post is for a minimum of 12 months) is responsible for the publicity of the Club and provides the media with news and information about the Club and the sport of cycling. The PRO will work in conjunction with the Clubs Committee as appropriate when promoting the club and its image to the public.

2.6 General Committee Members – are responsible for assisting the remaining Club Committee in the running of the Club and in setting up sub-committee and events being arranged or organized by the Club. These members can be co-opted by the Committee if so required.


3.0 The Club Committee:

The Club Committee shall have the power to carry out the following on behalf of the Club:

3.1 Shall manage the business affairs of the Club.

3.2 Shall carry out all such functions as may be required by the Club other than those functions that are the responsibility of a general meeting.

3.3 Has the power to perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the Committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Club.

3.4 Shall have power to create and wind up sub-committees as required.

3.5 A majority of the Committee can, when it feels necessary, refer Club matters arising, for discussion in a Club General Meeting.

3.7 The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership and renewal of membership to a member or proposing member. The person or person refused may submit their application to the governing body, i.e. Cycling Leinster / Cycling Ireland for an arbitrary recommendation of their case. This must be done within 7 days of notification of their refusal.

3.8 The committee has the power to suspend or terminate the membership of any Club member they consider is acting in a manner outside the best interests of the club or not abiding by the Clubs Constitution / Rules & Code of Conduct.

Election to and Alteration to the Club Committee shall be as follows:

3.9 Each committee member shall hold office until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting following the date of the said officers’ election, but is eligible for re-election.

3.10 Any full active member of the Club may be nominated (or may nominate themselves, either in person or in writing) for election to any impending position on the Club Committee.

3.11 If the situation arises where there is more than one nomination for a position on the committee, a ballot for the election of that Committee Member shall be conducted in secret at the Annual General Meeting.

3.12 If a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Committee for any reason, the Committee members may appoint an active member to fill the vacancy, and the member so appointed will hold office subject to the Rules. The person filling the vacancy shall retire at the next occurring Annual General Meeting.

3.13 In order to remove any Committee members from office, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Club Secretary and attended by registered club members only.

3.14 A proposal to remove any Committee Member shall be put forward in writing to the Club Secretary by a member duly qualified to vote at that meeting. Notice shall be served on the said Committee member in writing by the Club Secretary, stating the date, time and place of the Extraordinary General Meeting, the proposal and the grounds on which the proposal for removal is based, and informing the Committee Member that he/she may attend and speak at the Extraordinary General Meeting, and may also make written submission.

3.15 The proposal to remove any Committee Member must be subject to a secret ballot of all voting members present, the decision being made on a simple majority.