The Bike Shop League Round 2 results



1st  Odhran Stynes WW
2st Jude Roche NCC
3rdFionn Jordan SCC
4thSeamus Sinnott WW
5th Brendan Wright WW
1stStephan ThackaberryNCC
2stDarragh Jennings SCC
3rdRoss Evans SERC
All the best this weekend  aodhran in the Mayo Two day
1st Anthony Doyle unattached
2stDavid walsh SCC
3rdMartin Mizgayski WW
4thPaul Flynn Carrick Wheelers
5thMartin Gill WW
6thFrank Dunne SCC
7thDave Allen WW
8thPaul BolgerSCC
A4/A4 Tourers
1stPaddy DunneSCC
2stFrank DoyleWW
3rdAlan HinchyWW
4thBen DelaneyWW
5thAndrew Farrell unattached
6thStephan KellySCC
7thPatrick DoddsSCC
8thStephan Furlong SERC
many thanks to all who took part and particulary the stewards and lead car drivers without whom we could have raced.