I dont believe it, it’s happened again ….

by Michael Noonan
A few months ago while out cycling I stopped in an Apple Shop in Ferns,  for some food, dressed in the full cycling gear, helmet on even: the woman behind the counter took the cash and then asked : any petrol or diesel …….

Today, out with new shoes, so I needed to stop frequently for adjustments: outside a house I spotted a low wall with dry stones. So I headed over parked up and sat on the wall, and took off a shoe to start adjusting the cleat.

A minute or so there and an elderly lady, in full faculties, made her way towards me from the house, asking If I was alright, I replied that I was just fixing my cycling shoe…. ”Oh” she said, ”thats fine” she said, ” I thought you were out electioneering” …..again bike right beside me, full cyling gear, helmet….