Wheelers Poetry Corner

The recent bad weather kept us off our bikes but gave some of our members time to develop other talents.

The first poem submitted is by our esteemed chairman.


My Old Bike

 by David Maguire


I do not care what they say

They can say what they like

Because I still love you,

My Old Bike


We’re a long time together

Many, many years

Were you the first bike

To be built with gears?


You once were black and yellow

Or maybe it was green

Hard to tell with all the dirt

I should really give you a clean


On tours, over hills and mountains

Together we have toiled

Am I starting to neglect you?

Yes, your chain should be oiled


You mean so much to me

A great part of my life

Sometimes I think I love you more than nearly as much as a little bit as much as

My wife


So ignore the begrudgers

Leave them, let them be

Once we’re together we’re happy,

My Old Bike and me



We look forward to another offering from David soon. It is currently in the works, and entitled My Old MGB.