Underage Annual Trip to Dublin

A group of eleven went on the annual trip to Dublin on Tuesday. When we arrived by train in Bray we had to transfer to the bus for our journey into the city centre because repairs were needed to the rail-points into the capital. After some food it off to the nearby Arnotts store which this year had ice-skating on the roof of the store. Well organised it was too! With lovely spring- like weather up on top it was a joy to watch the lads on their ‘blades’ glide around the rink and soon rosey-red cheeks were evident. We all had laughs galore. ‘Hey Lads, we still have to go to Funderland’, so after some more food it was off to the RDS to be greeted with the buzz, glitter and lights of the funfair. The lads were starry-eyed. Wow it was hectic! Time flew by and reluctantly it was soon time to head back for our train connection home. We arrived home happy but tired around nine and I suspect Dave Walsh’s wife, Sebrine, did’nt have much trouble getting the family to sleep after the eventful day.
A special word of thanks to club Tresurer Nick Stynes for his amazing energy and enthusiasm and keeping the budget under strict control. Watch out, Mr Lenihan. Also thanks to that quiet man in the club, Stephen Flood, who despite having ‘flu, he always had a smile and kept an eye on safety aspects. As for me, well, my job was to keep watch on the time but I didn’t need to worry . Everything went perfectly.

Happy New Year Lads.

Billy Roche.