Turbo Torture

You know the feeling…you sit on your turbo trainer, you put the tv on…you pedal away sweating like you were in the Sahara…and you get fed up pretty quickly. The smell of burning rubber sets off the fire alarm and the neighbours complain about the noise…or is that just me?
Patrick Dobbs is now offering group Turbo Classes in his premises in the Clonard Retail Centre on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Several of the Slaney folks will be attending and it will be a male & female session just to make it all the more interesting! Patrick says he’ll be doing a lot of core workouts also…so we can turn that flagon into a six pack.
Bring your bike, turbo trainers and bike shoes. Classes are €7 and you can contact Patrick at 087 7585604 for more details. It should help to get you through the winter and in the company of people with a common aim…to stop the neighbours complaining!