Great New Development for the Humble Bicycle?

While exotic materials like carbon fibre and titanium bring lightness and stiffness to the modern bicycle, its basic concept and shape has not changed in over a hundred years. It is a chain driven machine, powered to the rear and steered from the front.

A new development in the bicycling world appeared in the offing recently when a Wexfordman appeared at a race with a bike ready to be powered from the front or,  indeed, could have been all wheel drive.

Enthusiasts looked on in wonder at the new development. Those with an engineering bent wondered at the power and speed advantage of such a configuration. Others looked on, puzzled at how the bike might be steered.

Who was this genius who was about to revolutionise the world of the bicycle? Sadly, there was none. The man was a racer who, in his eagerness to get to his race, loaded up two rear wheels. Well done Simon!

Thankfully Johnny Gordon was on hand to lend Simon a spare wheel and away he raced.