John McCormack’s Weekly Tour Report

As the ad currently running on radio or is it tv says “things happen” and last Sunday was one of those days…… an early, in fact, a  very early puncture in the Bullring just as the group left at 9.30 gave plenty of time for warm up as we slowly made our way out the N25 to Ballinaboola giving time for the punctured one to catch up – we are a very chivalrous group : we never abandon one who has punctured unless the airless rider requests the group to ride on !  The original plan was to head for Wellingtonbridge and the statutory stop for cofee or just to catch breath but another puncture near Foulksmills and an increasingly threatening sky produced the sensible suggestion that a shortcut for home might be the best course…. as indeed it was since the aforementioned threatening sky did indeed deliver rain and not just  the  soft rain that is supposed to fall in Ireland but cold and hard  rain  accompanied by an increasingly gusty wind that made sure any dry spot was soon as wet as the rest of the clothing! The only consolation was that due to the intelligent planning of the route we at least had the wind behind us! Needless to add, conditions became such that getting home quickly  became the top priority and the group broke up into smaller groups of cyclists fleeing before the deluge!  Nevertheless I’m sure most of the cyclists congratulated themselves on getting out for a couple of hours on a Sunday in January!