Frank O’Rourke Race 2007







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The prestigious Frank O’Rourke Memorial Perpetual Trophy (left), the Winners trophy, Second & Third trophies

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The lead car cortege – is Brendan soliciting by any chance??? Maybe he just likes the car??

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Mark leads the Frank O’Rourke Memorial Road Race!!

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If there was a combativity award this man deserves it…and we still didn’t find out who he was but we’re sure to remember him.

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Mr Misfortune again Patrick broke a spoke on the second lap but still managed to finish the race.

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Mick, with Martin uncharacteristically in the bunch at this stage in the race

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This was Keiths first experience with the big boys. Keith is currently the leader in the Liam Bennett TT league.

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Gary & Heather feel the early pressure

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On the second lap Murt from SCC attempts to bridge the gap to our lone leader whe eventually manages to do.

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A chasing group containing Patrick & Paddy Dunne of SCC goes out in front of the bunch

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The bunch never let them get too far away

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Lap 3 and Murt & yer man are still away…

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The previous winner on this circuit sits comfortably, Alex Williams of SCC

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Patrick back in the bunch still looks comfortable

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Vinny Kelly from Carrig, Seans brother. You can never, ever dismiss a Kelly from Carrig and he was soon taken back on lap 4.

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The hounds can smell blood – 4 of the top 5 places in the Tommy O’Brien Memorial race are still in contention

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The dark horse – not Black Beauty – the other one – Conor Crowley (Sorry Conor, I have trouble pronouncing the Irish version of your name let alone spell it)

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Mark battles on with what was believed to be a pre race favourite. The guy in fronts club as listed on the sign on was Poland. Could he have been another dark horse?

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Martin lets rip no the last lap. This was to be the decisive move.

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So far this is the best picture we have if the finish but it shows how close Martin came to winning but alas, Danny Carroll from Clonmel was to take the spoils

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Winner Danny Carrol from Clonmel Cycling Club being presented with the Frank O’Rourke Memorial Trophy by Wendy, Franks daughter and MD of  sponsors, Ferrybank Motors

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All of the senior winners & the sponsors family.

Wexford Wheelers would like to extend their gratitude to the O’Rourke family & Ferrybank Motors for their support & sponsorship of this race as well as the assistance provided and the lead vehicles accompanied by drivers to ensure the race was run as Frank would have done himself.

We would also like to thank the following in no particular order:

The Red Cross Ambulance service

The motorcycle riders

The Garda bike rider

The caretaker of Camaross ballroom and their facilities

The stewards of the day

Paddy Kinsella for providing his services for the Commissaire

and in particular Pat Geoghegan who arranged and organised the event in a professional manner which showed on the day

© Wexford Wheelers 2007/2008 unless otherwise stated.