Wexford Wheelers wishes councillor Jim Allen the very best in the upcoming local elections.  Jim is a long term member of Wexford Wheelers having raced with the club in his youth, and continuing to turn up in the bull ring in the past few years. In addition Jim is introducing the next generation of Jims family to the sport of cycling.


Jim Allen is an avid supporter of Wexford Wheelers cycling club, supporting the clubs events, such as the Pilgrimage trust Tours of Wexford, the Clubs 40th anniversary celebrations, the Martyn Irvine Reception and Tour and all the club races in a practical capacity .  Jim was also instrumental in the Italian twinning with Lugo and in particular building the Twinned towns cycling clubs connections with Wexford Wheelers.


Jim and his brother Nigel have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, year after year, in the past 4 years,  in helping the clubs interaction with the various local authority requirements.  Jim has significantly helped the club build relations with the local council, local authority,  borough council and county council, all of which comes into play when staging our race and tour calander, year after year.


As the club moves towards our major Two day event in August, where  significant local authority interaction will be called upon, to have Jim as our advocate within the council is a significant bonus for the club. The club can call on Jim to help resolve any authority issue for any Wexford Wheelers  event.


Local cycling interests and the profile of cycling with the Wexford local authority has certainly been raised, by having Jim Allen to promote the cycling interest in Wexford in the past few years.  For that alone, the club is grateful for the work that Jim has pursued in cyclings interest.


The club wishes Jim. all the best in the forthcoming local election.