Important Notes for your immediate attention :

1). Safety

A road incident last Saturday involving the training spin, saw a hospitalisation with significant injuries, after the group encountered black ice.

Check the National Roads authority website prior to departure for road temperatures and choose the safest route based upon your local knowledge.

Ensure all riders are aware of the route and agree the route prior to departure.

Coastal Routes should provide the lowest risk routes.



2).  Membership.

Please use the Paypal online membership or alternatively Drop membership subscriptions to the Bike shop. If you are an existing member, no need to complete a membership form.  Underage must complete  a parenteral  consent form signed by committee. Get this signed first and we can subsequently upload to CI for your Licence.



3). Winter racing.

Recent Pace of the training spin exceeded what we should be doing at this time of year.  Regulate your pace to meet the group requirement.



4) CI Handbook

Any one who wants a hard copy let me know ASAP via email  ( )  as CI have  hard copies for 2014.




5),  Interclub League 2014 / Liam Bennett 2014.

An interclub meeting will occur on January 15th to draft the 5 club Interclub League. Please submit your comments/ criticisms / suggestions/ complaints/ asap to

One suggestion so far is to consider having the riders perform marshalling at some stage over the course of the 20 week League.  This ensures that you can choose what league to marshal ( e.g you can marshall a novice race that you might not be participating in ). This approach ensures the availability of marshals , hence  we can incorporate new circuits for the league.

Your suggestions welcome.



Membership form: