Wheelers’ Notes

This is a note about the notes, if you know what I mean. The notes did not appear in the Wexford People this week as I was unaware that the People had brought forward their deadline for receipt of sports clubs’ notes from 12 noon on Monday to 10pm on Sundays (long after my bedtime!). […]

Joe Rossiter’s Blog

No, it’s not a new bit he has bought for his bike or something to unblock a drain, Joe  has created a blog in which he shares the secrets of his cycling success, his views on home training, his take on the economic blahdy blah and just about anything else. See it at http://joerossiter1.blogspot.com

Wheelers Notes 22/11/10

The sixth running of the Wexford Wheelers Christmas Hamper Race, sponsored by Celtic Ferries will take place on Sunday, 12th December. It will again be based in Wexford Youths’ grounds at Ferrycarrig Park. It is expected that some of the biggest names in Irish cycling, past and present, will be taking part and further details […]

Media Relations Manager(?)

Media Relations Manager? I’ve been called worse! If that translates into English as ‘the only fool we could get to do the notes for the paper’, then, yeah, that’s me. Domestic responsibilities mean I do not get much time for the bike these days and I haven’t been on the Sunday tour for a while. […]